You Can Write Blog Content Faster

Remember that writing faster and better is easy to do as long as you know what you want to say. Get a good main idea and the rest will fall into place. — C. M. Smith “How to Write Better and Faster”


image by BigbrotherBB
image by BigbrotherBB

Before You Write Content Faster


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image by johnhain

1.  Ask, “What am I saying to myself?”

  • If it’s, “I’ll always be a slow writer,” choose the opposite. Say, “I’m able to write faster. With the following suggestions and practice, I will write faster.”
  • Don’t give in to negative thoughts.




  • Find your most productive writing time.
  • Give yourself time to establish a pattern of success.
  • Create a focused momentum, purposefully.
  • Put some form of accountability in place.
  • Sit down and move your work forward.
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image by ghwtog

2.  Choose a focus for the post. Writing faster is easy when you know what you want to say.



  • Ask, “What do I want the reader to take away?”
  • Be able to explain your main idea in one sentence.
  • Ask, “What would I like to know about [main idea, e.g. how to write faster]?”
image by picjumbo
image by picjumbo

3.  Do the prep work.

  • Read magazines and blogs on your subject. Google it.
  • Don’t think you need groundbreaking ideas; just write what you know and have learned about your main idea.



  • Organize your ideas with an outline. Outlines show how sub-ideas work together to explain what you want to say.
  • Try a mind map: brainstorm words or ideas related to your main idea, or organize words and ideas from your research around your main idea.
  • Create a reusable form for your type of posts.

Write Content Faster


4.  Keep it short – one tip or one idea.

image by skeeze
image by skeeze

5.  Write as fast as you can.


  • Lower your standard for the first draft.
  • Get as much written as you can (or more) from what you’ve outlined, without editing it. Writing fast turns off the internal editor or censor and allows creativity to flow.
  • Don’t get in the way. Let your hands do the thinking; give your brain a chance to relate what it knows.
  • Don’t delete a poor sentence; write another version and go on.
  • Don’t allow distractions. Stay focused.
  • Turn off or cover the monitor. If you can’t see errors, you’re less likely to stop and fix them.
  • Don’t stop. If you think of a change for a previous paragraph, jot a note and keep going.

6.  Set time limits.

image by storkman
image by storkman


  • Set a reasonable project time limit. If you give yourself three days for a post, you’ll most likely take three days to do it. If you give yourself one day, you’ll most likely complete it in one day.
  • During the draft, set a timer for chunks of minutes. Don’t stop typing or writing until the timer goes off. Repeat.

After Content Is Written


7.  Edit your post.


  • Correct typos
  • Add styling (subtitles)
  • Add photos
  • Add links
  • Check the flow (move paragraphs or change words)
  • Read it closely. Write tight.
  • Let it sit. When you return, needed changes will pop up.

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What one suggestion might help you writer your blog content faster?

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