I appreciate your visit into my world of creative writing. I hope to delight you with hours of snuggling up with my books and entering the romantic stories of men and women struggling to find lasting love and/or with my books of allegorical stories. If you have a creative writing flare, my book on writing is just for you. I invite you to wander through the pages about me, my books, my page for readers, and my blog on writing. 

Author Zoe M. McCarthy


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Featured Books

Jace’s and Em’s families had been like kin. Then they lost their spouses. He’s moved back to the lake but hasn’t contacted Em. Why?

An Identical Woman by author Zoe M. McCarthy

A cattle farmer’s disabled father has hired a CNA who’s a walking photo of the farmer’s deceased wife.

Amanda has made plans not to be disturbed during Christmas break so she can meet her book deadline. She didn’t count on Cam moving in across the street.

Author Zoe M. McCarthy

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