Hosting Guests on a Subject-Specific Blog – Benefits & Quality Control

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Your blog provides topics, tips and teachings for a specific subject, such as pottery, writing, or home decor. Others in your field ask for a guest post spot on your blog. They offer to write content about your subject. In exchange, you are to include their promotion piece at the end of the post for their pottery shop, a book, or remodeling service.

Your blog may not be stellar but you want to protect it from slapdash and erroneous posts.

With this concern, you may ask why you should host others and how you can avoid posts that don’t at least live up to your own standards.

Before you respond to requestors, you could take a look at posts they’ve written on their blogs. But they may have a different type of blog, so this may not show the quality of their content. What can you do?

Tips to help guests live up to your standards

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Develop a guideline sheet to help guests know your expectations. The sheet could address such items as word count limits, where photos must come from, and the language rating, e.g. family or G-rated.

Ask guests for the topic and title of the post they plan to write. This helps them think ahead and not come up with something at the last minute.

Suggest a type of post you’d welcome, such as tips, techniques, or pitfalls.

Invite the guest to visit your site to see the kinds of posts you publish.

Tell them you reserve the right to make minor edits to their posts and to ask them to make changes.

Require guests send posts at least a week ahead of the post date so you have time to ask for changes.

There are benefits to hosting guests.

Reasons to host others on a blog

Readers may enjoy a different prospective.

Guests may have more expertise than you do in certain aspects of your subject.

You will broaden your reach for new followers when guests promote their posts on your blog.

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Guest posts can give you a break from brainstorming a blog idea, researching it, and writing it.

Guest posts can fill a spot while you’re on vacation.

Guests can become valuable contacts in your field.

You can build a list of the accomplished guests for future guest posts.

You can return a favor, pay forward, or simply help another person in your field.

Why guests posts on a subject-specific blog are beneficial and tips to encourage their quality.  Click to tweet.

What benefits and tips to improve the quality of guest posts do you have?

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  1. Regina Smeltzer

    Good thoughts. I hesitate to ask others to guest blog, and it seems I am selling my readers short. Best I try to broaden their horizons by expanding mine!

    • Zoe M. McCarthy

      Regina, at first I hesitated too. But every guest I’ve hosted has done a great job on their posts and their promotion of the post has brought visits to my blog.

  2. mimionlife

    I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts. This is another way to get my name out there. 🙂 I have my blog and then, I write guest posts for other blogs.

    • Zoe M. McCarthy

      Mimi, writing your blog and guest posting are good platform building tasks.

  3. Jane Thompson

    That’s a new idea for me. My blog is more introspective, not how-to, but that doesn’t mean my readers wouldn’t enjoy some fresh musings. Thanks!

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