I have a passion for being creative. In creative mode, I’m expressive in every way. Mind, mouth, and hands. I enjoy giving dramatic readings of my short stories.

I have a passion for being analytical. Yes, this is a little weird for a creative expressive. I earned a BA in mathematics. I taught math in middle schools for two years before my career as an actuary. (Actuaries evaluate financial risk for insurance companies.) Nick in Calculated Risk is an actuary.

I have a passion to write stories. At age nine, I penned a one-paragraph cowboy story that was book-length in my head. Ever since, I’ve wanted to write novels. Now I write inspirational contemporary romances and short stories. An after-the-rapture speculative fiction is in the works.

I have a passion to help others to succeed as writers. I enjoy speaking on the fiction writing craft at conferences and writing groups’ workshops in person or on Zoom. My blog is mostly about writing. An editor and an agent urged me to write a book on writing from my blog posts. So to truly help aspiring authors, I wrote Tailor Your Fiction Manuscript in 30 Days. It guides writers in starting a manuscript or those needing one polished for publication. I believe in this book.

I’m well traveled on land and sea. I grew up as a military brat living on the East and West Coasts. In my elementary school years, I lived in Haiti through the rise of dictator Papa Doc. When I was a teen, home was Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba. I was there during the Cuban missile crisis. And on a five month break from college, I lived in Thailand while the Vietnam War raged. My husband and I enjoy traveling to Europe and the islands.

I’m well traveled in my faith journey. After inhaling the Bible and Bible studies, I wanted to help others know the truth of God’s Word. I’ve led various Bible studies, including one in a prison ministry. I spent nine years in Bible Study Fellowship—five as a children’s leader. I speak on Bible topics and the redeeming love of Jesus Christ, who is everyone’s one path to God and the forgiveness of sins. I’ve published a two-book series of entertaining contemporary Christian allegories.

I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. My husband and I live on a hill and enjoy mountain and valley views. When I’m not writing, we enjoy canoeing on the New River or spending time boating at our cabin on a lake. We have two sons and daughters-in-love, and have fun playing with our six grandchildren—creatively, of course.

Author Zoe M. McCarthy

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