I have a passion for being creative. In creative mode, I’m expressive in every way. Mind, mouth, and hands. I enjoy giving dramatic readings of my short stories.

I have a passion for being analytical. Yes, this is a little weird for a creative expressive. I earned a BA in mathematics. I taught math in middle schools for two years before my career as an actuary. (Actuaries evaluate financial risk for insurance companies.) Nick in Calculated Risk is an actuary.

I have a passion to write stories. At age nine, I penned a one-paragraph cowboy story that was book-length in my head. Ever since, I’ve wanted to write novels. Now I write inspirational contemporary romances and short stories.

I have a passion to help others to succeed as writers. I enjoy speaking on the fiction writing craft at conferences and writing groups’ workshops. My blog is mostly about writing. An editor and an agent urged me to write a book on writing from my blog posts. To truly help aspiring authors, I wrote Tailor Your Fiction Manuscript in 30 Days. It guides writers in starting a manuscript or those needing one polished for publication. I believe in this book.

I’m well traveled on land and sea. I grew up as a military brat living on the East and West Coasts. In my elementary school years, I lived in Haiti through the rise of dictator Papa Doc. When I was a teen, home was Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba. I was there during the Cuban missile crisis. And on a five month break from college, I lived in Thailand while the Vietnam War raged. My husband and I enjoy traveling to Europe and the islands.

I’m well traveled in my faith journey. After inhaling the Bible and Bible studies, I wanted to help others know the truth of God’s Word. I’ve led various Bible studies, including one in a prison ministry. I spent nine years in Bible Study Fellowship—five as a children’s leader. I speak on Bible topics and the redeeming love of Jesus Christ, who is everyone’s one path to God and the forgiveness of sins.

I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. My husband and I live on a hill and enjoy mountain and valley views. When I’m not writing, we enjoy canoeing on the New River or spending time at our cabin on a lake. We have two sons and daughters-in-love, and have fun playing with our six grandchildren—creatively, of course.

Zoe M. McCarthy