Words Misused – Part 1: Confusion Between Words

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Has the use of the wrong word ever embarrassed you? I used clench when I meant clinch. Here’s a list of words that writers often confuse.

Words Often Confused

I won’t give full definitions but the differentiating sense between the words. Look up the words for precise and additional meanings.

1. Accept is to receive; except excludes.

2. Adverse describes something as bad; averse is being against something.

3. Affect is usually to influence; and effect is usually a result. (Look these up.)

4. Allusion is an indirect reference; illusion is a misconception.

5. Bimonthly means every two months; semimonthly means something happens twice a month.

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6. Capital is the seat of government, accumulation of wealth, or a capital letter; capitol is the government building.

7. Cite is to reference something; Site is a place; Sight is about seeing.

8. Clinch is to seal the deal; clench is making fingers into a fist.

9. Compelled is forced; motivated is help to want to do something.

10. Complement completes or brings to perfection; compliment praises.

11. Comprise tells what something includes; compose tells things that make up a whole.

12. Concurrent refers to simultaneous; consecutive refers to successive or following.

13. Connote implies; denote indicates.

14. Convince makes someone believe something is true; persuade wins over someone to do something.

15. Council is an assembly; counsel is advice or guidance.

16. Credible means believable; credulous means inclined to believe.

17. Cue is a pool stick or help with an actor’s lines; queue is a lineup of things.

18. Discreet is showing good judgment; discrete means separate or distinct.

19. Disinterested is unbiased; uninterested is not interested.

20. Elicit draws out; illicit is unlawful.

21. Emigrants leave one’s country to settle in another; immigrantscome to settle in a new country.

22. Farther refers to physical distance; further refers to the degree or extent of an action or situation.

23. Fewer is for number of things; Less is for volume.

24. Figuratively is metaphorically or symbolically; literally is actually.

25. Flaunt is for showing off; flout is for showing contempt.

26. Foreword is an introductory note; forward is to send on a “note.”

27. Founder is to sink; flounder is to act clumsily.

28. Gibe is to taunt; jibe is being in accord (alternate to gibe); jive concerns music.

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29. Hanged puts a rope around a neck in the past; hung is suspending something in the past.

30. Imply is to suggest; infer is to draw a conclusion.

31. Ironic is the reverse of what’s expected or meant; coincidentalis something happening without reason.

32. Lightening illuminates; lightning is an electrical bolt.

33. Passed passes in the past; past refers to time gone by or going beyond.

34. Precede means come before; proceed means to go forward.

35. Principal is the head of a school or adjective for main; principleis a rule or doctrine.

36. Reign is to rule; Rein is a strap on a horse.

37. Stationary is fixed or unmoving; stationery is writing materials.

38. Tortuous is twisty; torturous is anguish of body or mind.

39. Venal is corruptible; venial says a sin is pardonable.

Which word above, if any, have you confused with another word?

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  1. Melissa Henderson

    Great information and great reminders. 🙂 Thank you.

    • Zoe M. McCarthy

      Thanks, Melissa, I saw three of the words in what I read today. Two were used right and one was used wrong.

  2. Tracy Orchard

    Nice blog, very useful.

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