Keep Characters’ Actions Linear & Put Readers in Their Shoes

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If your character acts in real time, the reader will move along with and feel closer to, the character. This means the author never tells actions before they happen.

In the paragraph below look for five instances in which the author tells an action before it happens. Try rewriting the paragraph so all actions are linear. (Speaking dialogue is an action.)


Passage With Non-Linear Actions

As she buttoned her coat, Melissa spoke in earnest. “Listen to me, Alex. Jeanne is cheating on you.”

Alex couldn’t listen to Melissa for another second. Before he opened the apartment door for her, he leveled his gaze on hers. “You’re wrong.”

Later, he’d find out he was wrong, but for now, he based his opinion on what he knew about Jeanne. How was he to know Jeanne had cheated not only on him but on her first husband?

Melissa took off the coat he’d helped into minutes ago. “I’m staying until you hear evidence to the truth about Jeanne.”

Sentences That Aren’t Linear

  1. How could the point-of-view character, Alex, know Melissa spoke in earnest until she’d said the words? If the dialogue sounds like she spoke in earnest, this sentence could be left out.
  1. In real time, Alex levels his gaze on Melissa and then opens the door.
  1. The author intrudes and tells the reader Alex would later find out he was wrong. 
  1. Yes. How would Alex know in the current conversation that Jeanne had cheated on her husband?
  1. Sometimes, to keep the plot moving, an author will summarize in a current scene what has happened between scenes. The summarized event wasn’t important enough to have its own scene. But Alex helping her into her coat is easy to put in the right place in this passage. Taking the reader back is an unnecessary interruption.

 A Linear Passage

Alex helped Melissa into her coat.

She fastened buttons. “Listen to me, Alex. I don’t want to hurt you, but you need to know the truth. Jeanne is cheating on you.”

Alex couldn’t listen to Melissa for another second. He leveled his gaze on hers. “You’re wrong.” He opened the apartment door.

Melissa stood and studied him. She couldn’t be right, could she? He’d never seen or heard anything that pointed to Jeanne’s unfaithfulness.

Until now.

Melissa unbuttoned and removed her coat. “I’m staying until you hear evidence to the truth about Jeanne.”

Don’t you feel more intimate with what’s going on with and inside Alex in the rewrite?

Linear writing keeps readers inside the character’s body and mind as he acts and reacts. Click to tweet.

What other principles help you identify with a character?



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  1. H L Wegley

    Also, telling things in advance removes the surprise and much of the impact of important actions.

    • Zoe M. McCarthy

      Hi Harry. Yes, we want to draw out the suspense as long as we can, then give a good payoff for the reader.

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