A Timesaving, Stress-Reducing & Content-Refining Model for Bloggers

“Create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome.— Neil Patel

image by KevinKing
image by KevinKing

Here’s a model that has kept me:

  • Constant in publishing blogs
  • Consistent outside and inside my content
  • Concise in wording my content
  • Clear in my content
  • Creative in brainstorming blog ideas and selecting photos and quotes

1.  Decide and no longer flounder


  • Consider carefully how often you can blog and which days you’ll post. When I first started blogging, I decided I could blog once a week. I chose Thursdays to post. I haven’t missed posting. (Constant)
  • Decide what type of blog you’ll write: Journal, Review/Interview, or How-to. I write how-to blogs. (Consistent)
  • List what topics you’ll stick to. My topics are:
    • writing craft,
    • book marketing,
    • blogging, and
    • speaking. (Consistent)
  • Decide if you’ll host guests. I host guests who have how-to posts in my topic areas. (Consistent)
image by PIX1861
image by PIX1861


2.  Schedule and no longer struggle


  • Brainstorm and Draft. On Fridays, I seek God, brainstorm post ideas, research, and draft posts. I often use tasks I’m working on in my topic areas. That way, I can share my research. (Creative, Clear, Constant)
  • wordpress-552924_1280
    image by gounder
    Polish and Setup. On Mondays, after my content sits for a weekend, I edit the main content down to 500 words, put it through my checklist, obtain photos and a quote, and add my post to WordPress. (Concise, Clear, Consistent)
  • Publish and Announce. On Thursdays, I review the post again, publish, and announce to social media and writing groups. (Clear, Consistent, Constant)
  • Respond to Comments.  I have email notification of comments sent to me. I respond to all comments as soon as I can. (Constant, Consistent)

3. Create aids and no longer forget

  • Checklist. Mine makes my editing tasks go quickly without worry. Most important reminders in my checklist are:   

◊  Check for:

•  Uniform bullet structures (Consistent, Clear)

•  Words I tend to misspell (Clear)

•  Words that may work as contractions (Concise)

•  Words ending with –ing (Concise)

◊  Add links and make sure they open in a new tab. (Clear)

◊  Construct Click to Tweet. (Clear)

◊  Test that links and Click to Tweet work. (Clear)

◊  Add tags and category. (Clear)

◊  Select featured photo. (Consistent, Clear)

◊  Capture post’s unique link to announce posts. (Clear)

◊  Announce post to list of social media venues and groups. (Constant, Consistent)


  • Reserve blog post. I always have at least one post ready on WordPress for emergencies. (Constant, Consistent)

Use this model to be a constant, consistent, concise, clear, & creative blogger. Click to tweet.

What do you do to make blogging efficient and your content reader-friendly?

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