Speaking Topics

Meet the Author (includes):

  • A String of Nevers: My Writing Journey
  • The Story Behind the Story: Calculated Risk
  • Teasers: A Story Basket of Book-Related Items
  • First Scene: A Dramatic Reading
  • Fold a Bird-of-Paradise Napkin: A Book-Related Activity

On Writing:

  • For Whom the Edits Toil – 9 Edits To Create Reader-charming Paragraphs
  • Secret Agents, Cleaning Agents, Literary Agents – Which Do You Need?
  • Help Your Readers Commit Identity Theft with Your Characters -Learning to Write in Deep Point of View

Church Retreats/Workshops:

  • You Can Be a Superwoman and Move Your Mountains – The Freedom and Power God Gives Women
  • Jonathan’s Cliff – How to Attack a Big Problem

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Upcoming Events

image by werner22brigitte
image by werner22brigitte

ACFW VA Virtual Book Party Friday
December 4, 2015 (1PM – 9:30PM)  
Come join the authors of ACFW Virginia for another great virtual book party! Meet the authors, learn about what they’re writing, win a prize or two…or three…and have a fantastic time!

Holiday Author’s Fair
December 5, 2015  1 PM – 8 PM
The Emporium, Books and Essential Goods
211 Main Street
New Castle, VA.