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You Can Fold a Napkin into a Bird of Paradise

cisney's Napkin Folding Step 8

Bird of Paradise Moment: At Nick’s family home on Thanksgiving Day, his mother receives the gift of a new tablecloth. She unsets the table to use it. When Cisney asks how she can help in the Thanksgiving preparations, Nick’s mother asks Cisney to reset the table. Cisney folds the napkins into birds of paradise. They are a hit with all the family, except Nick. He cringes every time Cisney, out of her genuine goodness, impresses his family. Especially his mother.


Bird of Paradise Napkin

For this classy, easy-to-fold napkin method, use a square paper napkin that holds a crease well. Or use a stiff cloth napkin. If necessary, lightly starch the napkin. Ironing the folds will also help it to keep its shape.

STEP 1: Lay the napkin face down.

cisney's Napkin Folding Step 1


STEP 2: Fold the napkin in half.

cisney's Napkin Folding Step 2

STEP 3: Fold the napkin in half again, forming stacked quarters. Crease. Most square paper napkins are already folded to this step.

cisney's Napkin Folding Step 3

STEP 4: Fold the napkin in half into a triangle and crease. Make sure the open 4 tips are on top and facing away from you.

cisney's Napkin Folding Step 4 

STEP 5: Fold the right and left corners down so that their tips point towards you. Their sides should meet on the center line. Crease.

cisney's Napkin Folding Step 5

STEP 6: Fold under the two points facing you and tuck them inside until they’re flush with the bottom side of the triangle underneath. You have another triangle shape. Crease.

cisney's Napkin Folding Step 6

STEP 7: Fold the triangle in half away from you (so the bottom points travel toward the table and the centerline comes up toward you. Now you have a boat shape. The loose tips should be on top.

cisney's Napkin Folding Step 7

STEP 8: While holding the base firmly, start with the top loose tip and pull it up to make a feather. Then pull the rest of the tips up to lesser and lesser degrees. Paper napkins and stiff cloth napkins will usually hold the bird of paradise shape. If not, use something like a clear shirt clip to hold the back together. Now you have a bird of paradise to impress your guests.

cisney's Napkin Folding Step 8