Blog to Book: What You Should Consider

Image by ariapsa
Image by ariapsa

Writing books from blogs is a popular current trend. Readers have asked if I might consider making my blog into a book. Yes, I’ve thought about it. Here’s what my research says I should take into account.

Books based on blogs can open up opportunities.

image by souzamirandaheitor0
image by souzamirandaheitor0

They can:

  • Expand my blog audience.
  • Demonstrate to clients my talents.
  • Add credibility to my brand.
  • Give me “expert status” for invitations to guest post, speak, and lead  workshops.
  • Provide material for a catalog of shorter books (15,000 – 25000 words) on my blog’s subtopics.
  • Provide myself an organized reference book based on my blog research in becoming a better writer, speaker, blogger, and marketer.

My research highly recommended I don’t use a quick and easy service to publish all posts word for word.

  • image by PeteLinforth
    image by PeteLinforth
    Readers may be irritated to read vaguely related posts thrown together.
  • Readers may balk at paying for exactly what they can read on my blog.
  • Blogs streamed to a book could hurt my brand and credibility.
  • Blogs are unique. Well done blogs aren’t appropriate for a book unless shaped into a book.
image by Unsplash
image by Unsplash

Books and Blogs are different reading experiences.

  • Books are longer and provide a deeper reading experience. Blogs are optimized for online reading with images, links, interactive comments, and videos.
  • Books are expected to line up in a readable way.
  • Book readers like to delve into a topic, instead of skimming.
  • Books foster credibility.
  • Books reach a different audience. My book audience may be those who:
    • don’t read blogs
    • are uneasy with technology
    • have access to the Internet only from work
    • prefer to read in other formats
  • Books reach the same audience. My book audience may be those who:
    • have never crossed my blog path
    • are more recent readers interested in my earlier content
    • would like to read my blog posts in an organized format

What kind of blogs-to-books do well?

  • Information-driven, business, and self-help.
  • How-tos or problem-solving.
  • Memoir-types often don’t do well.

Have books professionally edited.

  • Hire a professional editor, if possible.
  • Enlist beta book readers.
  • Involve my readers as I produce my book — for feedback on the title, the book cover, and list of possible concepts.
image by Pexels
image by Pexels

Steps to shape my blogs into a book.

  • Focus on one main topic.
  • Make 2 lists: Possible posts; possible concepts.
  • Decide what needs to be in my book without looking at my blog, then bring in relevant posts.
  • Combine blogs into one place, such as a document in Microsoft Word or Scrivener.
  • Update out-of-date references.
  • Remove posts that don’t fit well.
  • Add or remove paragraphs.
  • Research new unpublished information or concepts to entice readers or to round out the book.
  • Include additional ideas, strategies, explanations, pros and cons, personal examples, step-by-step directions.
  • Peruse post comments for quotes and questions to expand material.

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What is your opinion about a blog like mine being shaped into a book?